2018 HCI Bootcamp

Welcome to the HCI Bootcamp!

This course focuses on design methods—how to quickly and effectively design an interactive system. Over four days, students will produce a scenario-based video prototype of a new system, based on needs from real users, and then redesign it to address new situations and breakdowns.

Note: Class attendance and participation is essential!
Exercises build upon each other and are required to successfully complete the final project.


From: 2019-10-28

The HCI Bootcamp is about learning design methods—how to quickly design and redesign an effective interactive system in four days.

You will follow a complete user-centered design cycle to create a prototype of a novel map app that meets needs you discovered in your interviews.

This course is fast! You must learn to sketch your ideas rather than create perfect examples. You must also learn to stop discussing and start doing.

These techniques were created and refined in both industry and research settings and are directly applicable to your internships. If you do well in this class, you will find yourself teaching these skills to your future colleagues.

By the end of the course, you should be able to observe users and design from their perspective, focusing on interaction not just the interface. You should also be able to work effectively in groups, and avoid 'analysis paralysis'.

Course structure:
This is a project-oriented class, with a combination of lectures and activities, in class and as homework. You will work in groups of three or four, with individual, paired and group exercises. You have three days to create the first story-based video prototype and one more day to completely redesign it, based on HCI principles.

Most grades are based on the group project, but your individual grade also includes individual assignments and class participation.

Participation and exercises: 30%
Video prototype #1 15%
Video prototype #2 15%
Final presentation & poster 40%

Final presentation:
Each group will have 10 minutes to present their project, including a summary of their design process and the video prototype that illustrates their design. Note that this is not a concept video with a marketing pitch. Rather, you will be creating a design artifact that communicates your ideas to other designers, stakeholders and users.


From: 2019-10-28

Places & directions

From: 2019-10-28

Class will be held from 29-31 October and on 2 November.
Meet in room EE004 of the main Centrale/Supelec building.

Morning sessions: 09:30—12:30
Afternoon sessions: 14:00—17:00

Bring to first class:
Everyone: bring a printed copy of your story interviews and 3-5 interaction points from each interview.

Final presentations will be on 5 November.
Meet in the main auditorium of the Digiteo building (660)



The first part of each handout describes the design technique and how to perform it effectively, including the different roles group members. Each handout also has a sample worksheet guides the activity.

Monday, 29 October — Morning session

Handouts (pdf)

Worksheets (pdf)

Ex# 1: Story interview
Ex# 2: Interaction points
Ex# 2a: Simple interaction point
Ex# 3: Peer introspection
Ex# 4: Breakdown analysis
Ex# 6: User profile
Ex# 6: Personas
Ex# 7: Use scenario

Monday, 29 October — Afternoon session

Ex# 8: Standard brainstorming
Ex# 9: Video brainstorming
Ex#10: Design Space
Ex# 11: Web searches

Tuesday, 30 October — Morning session

Ex# 12: Concept
Ex# 13: Alternatives
Ex# 14: Interaction Table
Ex# 15: Diagram

Tuesday, 30 October — Afternoon session

Ex# 16: Design Scenario
Ex# 17: Storyboard 1 (A3 storyboard)

Wednesday, 31 October — Morning session

Video prototyping (no worksheet)

Wednesday, 31 October — Afternoon session

Ex# 19: Experiment plan
Ex#20: Design walkthrough
Ex# 21: Improvements

Friday, 2 November — Morning session
Ex# 22: Generative walkthrough
Poster: poster

Monday, 5 November — 13:00 Digiteo Amphitheater (Building 660)
Bring to class:

  • Ipads (should have brainstorming and both video prototypes)
  • Folders with exercises and supplies
  • Presentation slides
  • Storyboard #1 and storyboard #2
  • List of revisions


HCI Bootcamp lecture slides.

Thursday, 18 October — Preliminary session

Monday, 29 October

Tuesday, 30 October

Wednesday, 31 October

Friday, 2 November


Workspace & group reports