March 4th, 2024
Presentation Design Project 2

All groups submit their presentation slides by 24 Feb 12:00 and inform Tove what equipment they need for their system demo.

This is a formal presentation of your project from Design Project 2, and with this presentation you are equally graded on your TER project.

The presentations will be 20 minutes long.

The presentations must include:

1. Concept and motivation

● Introduce your concept
● Problem statement/"research questions"/the motivation for your design

2. Related Work

Summarize related work:
● How and what previous work is related to yours?
● What did you learn from it?
● What is your contribution/what do you add to already existing work?

3. Method and implementation

How you went from an idea, to a design concept and finally an interactive system.

Do not forget to mention what was implemented and what was mocked up.

4. Demo (when appropriate)

We recommend demoing the interactive system (live or pre-recorded) through a scenario illustrating the user interacting with the interface.

Demonstrate the complexity and novelty of the interactive system.

5. Method and evaluation

How you evaluated the system.

6. Results

What are the outcomes of your evaluation?

5. Discussion

End your presentation with a short summary of how your system addresses your problem space & match user needs, and bring up limitations, further reflections and potential constraints or clarifications on the functionality of the system.