Exploring gesture based interaction on mobile phones

July 3rd, 2019

Ex)situ team just released four short videos about it’s exploration of gesture based interaction on mobile phones and we are happy to share them with you. The four nice shorts were directed by Morgad Le Naour.


How to use gestures to issue complex commands from a soft keyboard? CommandBoard offers the full power of a command-line interface through gestures on a soft keyboard. (Learn more on the project’s page).

Expressive Keyboard

How to use soft keyboard to generate expressive text ? Expressive Keyboard provides rich text output that changes how we write and interpret messages on mobile devices. (Learn more on the project’s page).


How can we define our own gesture commands? Fieldward displays a colored field that we can explore when designing new gestures, that we find easy to remember, and that the system can also recognize. (Learn more on the project’s page).


How can we learn powerful new gesture-based commands? Octopocus displays a contextual menu of gesture alternatives that helps novices learn but does not slow down experts. Learn more on CommandBoard project’s page)