Master Class: Generative Theories of Interaction

This Master Class explores how "generative theories of interaction" can transform theories about human behavior from the natural and social sciences into "actionable principles" that suggest simpler yet more powerful forms of interaction. We begin by describing two existing theories -- instrumental interaction and co-adaptive systems -- practice applying them to the design of a novel interactive system. We then address the more challenging problem of how to transform an existing theory into a generative theory of interaction.


From: 2024-07-10
To: 2024-07-10

This Master Class is organized into two parts. The first includes lectures that will help participants understand two generative theories of interaction –– instrumental interaction and co-adaptation –– through lectures and associated activities. Participants will also learn about how to apply these theories by analyzing and crititiquing an existing system (Google Slides) using these theories, and then using them to generate a novel interactive system that embodies these theories.
The second part explores how to create a new generative theory of interaction from an existing theory from either the social or natural sciences.

Preparation: Before attending the Master Class, please:
• Read: Generative Theories of Interaction
• Watch: StickyLines
• Watch: Octopocus
• Watch: Fieldward
• Watch: Expressive Keyboard


From: 2024-07-10
To: 2024-07-10

Wednesday, 10 July

-- 08:30 Introduction
-- 09:00 Generative Theories of Interaction
-- 09:30 Instrumental Interaction

-- break

-- 10:50 Substrates
-- 11:30 Analysis and Critique

-- lunch

-- 13:30 Co-Adaptation
-- 14:30 Analysis and Critique
-- 15:00 Reconstructing Google Slides

-- break

-- 16:20 Generating Generative Theories
-- 16:10 Designing Actionable Principles
-- 17:40 Final Debriefing

-- 18:00 End

Places & directions

From: 2024-07-10
To: 2024-07-10