2022 Advanced Design of Interactive Systems


Wendy E. Mackay, Inria & Université Paris-Saclay
Janin Koch, Inria & Université Paris-Saclay

M1, M2, PhD

Advanced Design of Interactive Systems builds upon the Introductory course, with the emphasis on understanding how to select design methods and how to create principled, customized design activities within a participatory design process.

Attention: We will start remotely, and hope to return to the Fab Lab as soon as possible. Class on 12 January will be remote


The Intro DOIT course is a prerequisite for the Advanced DOIT course. The former values speed and effective collaboration, while providing a quick overview of a complete set of interaction design methods. The latter builds upon the techniques in the introductory course, but emphasizes participatory design to actively involve users throughout the design process.

Grading is based on your ability to identify key design problems from the user's perspective and your creativity in generating a solution inspired by design principles, especially co-adaptation and instrumental interaction.

The class will be divided into groups of three or four. You will be asked to create a novel interactive system that is designed to support an activity for your peers, for example, finding local sports facilities, transportation options, housing possibilities, or shopping options.

As in the Intro DOIT course, you will be asked to find out as much as you can about the problems users currently face, and then design and video prototype an original solution that addresses their needs. You will also run a participatory design workshop with users and revise it based on the results of a generative walkthrough.

Each group will present their final project on Wednesday, 16 February. Given the pandemic, the course is likely to be presented via video.


Course Schedule

T3 (trimester 3) on Wednesday mornings, from 9:30 - 12:30.
Detailed course schedule

The BBcollab video-conference link is under the private Handouts tab of this page

05 Jan Introduction, Quiz, Choose groups
12 Jan Theme and Variations
19 Jan Participatory design methods
26 Jan Participatory Design Workshops
02 Feb Redesign and Video prototyping
09 Feb Generative Walkthroughs
16 Feb Final presentations


Workspace & group reports