Téo Sanchez

Title: Ph.D. student
Advisor: Baptiste Caramiaux, Wendy Mackay

I’m a INRIA PhD student in the Ex)Situ team since september 2018, co-supervised by Wendy Mackay and Baptiste Caramiaux. My PhD is entitled “Co-learning in interactive systems” and focus on interactions of users with machine learning algorithms. We try to understand what are the co-adaptive mechanisms involved when a user teach an adaptive system such as machine learning algorithms. We are interested both in human perception and behaviour as well as new paradigms and models to enhance the interaction. We intend to investigate these the developed methods for applications with idiosyncratic data like movement or non-task-oriented use-case such as creative process.

In 2018, I graduated from the master program Acoustic, Signal Processing and Computer Science applied to Music (master ATIAM in Sorbonne Université) as well as from the École Normale Supérieure in computer science. I did my master internship in the Ex)Situ team on active machine learning in interactive systems for gesture recognition.