Wendy Mackay's 2021-2022 Computer Science chair at College de France

March 30th, 2022

The College de France (established 1530) is considered to be France's most prestigious research establishment. It offers high-level courses that are free, non-degree-granting and open to all without condition or registration. This gives it a very special place in the French intellectual landscape.
This year's Computer Science Chair is held by Wendy Mackay (INRIA - ex)situ). Nine public courses and conferences, with guest lecturers, will be given during the spring 22.

"How do we reimagine the digital world? To focus only on the technology is to miss the point: our interactions with that technology. My field, human-computer interaction, asks a fundamental question: how do we ensure that computers meet the needs of the people who use them? Not in general, but at each moment and for each person."

All the details, but also all the full courses video and slides, are available online on College de France's website :